We believe in equal opportunity

This project is very much about trust - and how independent advisers can build it together.

We communicate and share experiences

Efficient communication

We primarily communicate through video meetings, telephone calls, azynchronous video messages and e-mail.

Physical meetings will mostly be for social purposes.

Our primary aim

Our primary aim is to strenghten the competitive position of the individual Independent attorney and adviser.

And to increase cooperation between independent attorneys and NoCode TECH entrepreneurs.

A strategic focus

Our focus is strategic/commercial – we focus on protecting and developing the value of your business idea. 

We focus on conflict prevention, conflict reduction and avoiding TECH sunk costs.

A different approach

Woudn’t it be strange if the meetings of Copenhagen Legal Tech were exclusively or even primarily still physical?

We take advantage of all the TECH options to exchange experiences and ideas – being physically together is NOT a requirement.

We don’t believe that monthly meetings are enough for a startup founder. We aim for 1-2 weekly online group calls of 1-2 hours each.

We believe in a culture based on honesty, friendliness, constructiveness and positivity. The group calls are a community initiative and are free.

There will be conflict checks before the calls and our discussions will not be shared publicly.